Drivers' Directives

Before a Trip

  1. The carrier only runs on the order (preferably written, exceptionally telephone or SMS from the phone numbers) of the Purchase or the Personal dept. in Kostal.
  2. The carrier shall, as far as possible, use the lowest-priced cars that are still in compliance with the order.
  3. Ve vozidlech jsou Cestujícím k dispozici Pravidla pro Cestující (k rozebrání anebo vylepená na viditelném místě), jež jsou na stránkách Dispečinku. Na požádání je Dispečink dodá vytisknutá.
  4. Each vehicle shall have the logo of employer (Kostal) at least A4 large behind the wind shield.
    1. Regularly running minibuses and buses are marked with the logo also at the back on right side. Both sides they are visibly marked with employer's (Kostal) logo in the size of min. A3.
    2. If the vehicle regularly drives a certain area, the top or the right side of the windscreen or the right-hand door should have a reference to the area or significant destinations (eg PLOVDIV / PARARDŽIK) in capital letters min. 4 cm high.

While driving

  1. By default, the vehicle stops at public transport stops (or as close as possible) with the name given in the order, if it exists or the name is some other place. In the event of uncertainty, the driver will first check the position with the employer (Kostal) (e.g. requesting GPS coordinates) and ask employer (Kostal) its for better appellation.
  2. If the Driver finds a deviation from the fact (stop name, mileage or time that can not be safely observed) in the order, he informs Kostal as soon as possible.
    1. The Driver can only deviate from the ordered route or stops after prior approval from the employer (Kostal). Only if the employer cannot be reached and it is in the interest of transport, the driver can deviate without previous approval, but he must report it to the employer as soon as possible. In that case, the reason and the difference in distance traveled must be entered in the Transport Report
  3. On boarding, the driver is qualified to ask a passenger to show his employee identification card. The driver can refuse any passenger without valid employeer's identification card.
  4. The driver is not allowed leave the stop before its time in the order.
  5. When the driver finds that is more than 15 mins delayed upon arrival to a stop, then he must notify the passengers on the stop or the employer (Kostal). obrázek píchačka
  6. If the Carrier cannot perform the ordered service of some or all stops on the route (e.g. due to breakdown, detour, calamity), he is obliged to provide alternative transport either:
    1. itself or,
    2. by another carrier or,
    3. with help of employer (Kostal),
    4. in agreement with the passengers by their own transport or,
    5. to refer the passenger to a particular appropriate public connection.
    If the carrier could affect the problem (the fault of the vehicle when involved in an accident or a driver's error), the costs of replacement services are charged to the carrier.


  1. The invoice is to be included:
    1. introductory text of the invoice is: "We invoice you for transport of persons per month ..." or "... for the period ...";
    2. for each tariff:
      1. The tariff’s name (auto4, micro16, bus, etc.).
      2. Price per unit (full kilometer, delivery, etc.).
      3. The total number of units charged per trip report (full km, delivery, etc.).
    3. Transport reports
      1. Every charged trip must be in the report. For each trip shows:
        1. Full km (with passengers) showed in the order;
        2. Correction km (+ -) in case of detour or inaccuracy of km on order; repair mileage will be paid only in justified cases.
        3. delivery and shutdown km,
        4. For each tariff, the reports must be separately,
        5. For minibuses and buses also the license plates of all used vehicles (if they are not already on the invoices).
      2. Here Drivers can downolad and use the "Driver Report template (.xls)".
      3. Unused lines has to be dashed.
      4. The total sum of kilometers and trips in the reports must match the invoice.
    4. The carrier acknowledges that the invoices are compared with the reports before payment. Kostal may, in justified cases, detract from the performance of the invoice or return the invoice to the carrier for reworking.


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